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Market research on monitoring of distribution transformers.

NO TOCAR LincLab Network SL

Industria: Technology; Energy; Smart Buildings; Smart Grids; Smart Cities; Renewables & Environment

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Linc is a Spanish SME founded in 2017. We develop edge-computing hardware to monitor and control (using AI analytics) any type of building, grid asset (e.g. MV/LV substations), or distributed energy resource (renewables, storage). We strive to be the all-in-one building management solution that overcomes major barriers facing our transition to energy efficient buildings.


Linc has developed hardware and data analytics for monitoring of medium-low voltage distribution transformers. With sensors for all electrical, spectral, thermal and vibrational parameters, Linc enables real-time monitoring of transformer operational health. Such analytics are a growing concern with increased power-electronic loading from electric vehicle chargers, energy storage systems, and distributed renewable generation. Linc offers a cost-effective and plug-and-play solution to digitise existing and new transformers. The objective of this project is to scope the market potential (segmented by transformer location, type, age); to quantify the total addressable market in terms of revenue potential for transformer monitoring services; and to identify the key market participants (utility/grid operators, transformer manufacturers, related service providers) within Spain, Europe and globally. Lastly, perform a top-down analysis to quantify the serviceable addressable market (specifying serviceability criteria that puts it within reach of Linc), and finally recommend a target market that is realistically attainable (with justification).

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Las preguntas y respuestas dan más información al Estudiante sobre lo que la Empresa está buscando.

In which market does your company operate? Who are your potential customers?

Linc is a digitalisation solution for smart-buildings, smart-grids, and smart-cities. As a beach-head segment, as is the focus of this project, we are most interested in the niche market of monitoring MV-LV distribution transformers. We need to better understand the size and dynamics of this segment, in order to develop a suitable commercialisation strategy.

What segmentation criteria do you want to use?

The first segmentation criteria pertains to the physical transformers, based on 1) location, 2) type, and 3) age. A second criteria relates to the market participants A) utility grid/operators, B) transformer manufacturers, and C) service providers related to transformer maintenance. With deep insights into these sets of criteria, we can further narrow down our solution to specific transformers, and plan a go-to-market approach via particular channels.

Is there any other important information you want to know about the market?

We would like a logical, top-down analysis of the market size in terms of revenue potential -- starting with the total addressable market (TAM), then a subset of the serviceable addressable market (SAM) with filtration criteria defined, and lastly recommendations for the target market or serviceable obtainable market (SOM). It would be very useful to have identified key partnerships or target clients within the SOM, with structured data on their location, scope/size of operations, and other relevant information.

Finally, with the target market sizing determined in terms of the revenue potential for transformer monitoring, it would help translate the impact in terms of socio-environmental impact. What does it mean, from a decarbonisation perspective, if Linc enables the stable operation of grids to accommodate more clean energy systems.


Los Entregables ayudan a estructurar el trabajo en varias fases. En cada entregable/fase, el estudiante enviará una parte del trabajo, para que Estudiante y Empresa puedan debatir el trabajo en puntos intermedios.

Solution Whitepaper

Based on information obtained from the Linc team, draft a single page document that summarizes the solution. This first step validates a clear understanding of the value proposition, and aligns/scopes the market research that is to follow.
Documentos a entregar
Single page document in a Google Doc.

Total Addressable Market database

Structured database of physical transformer installations by geography. As far as possible, segmented based on transformer type and age. For each geography, it would help to have metrics on the rate of new transformer deployments. Within each geography, identify the major players (grid/utility operators, manufacturers, related service providers).
Documentos a entregar
Spreadsheet in Google Sheets

Go-to-Market Strategy

Identify and quantify the serviceable addressable market based on clearly defined filtration criteria. Further identify the target market / serviceable obtainable market as a prioritised list of market participants that should be approached.
Documentos a entregar
Document in Google Docs
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