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Development of a customer loyalty scheme


Industria: Cosmética

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En DHYVANA creamos cosmética extraordinaria: la máxima calidad natural y ecológica, pensada para los consumidores y las consumidoras más exigentes.

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This project aims to develop a customer loyalty program for any company that wants to fully exploit their customer database and the potential of the customers' information they have

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Las preguntas y respuestas dan más información al Estudiante sobre lo que la Empresa está buscando.

Which is your company's size? Is it large or small?

We are a small company, fully owned by the three founders/investors.

Which is your company's stage? Is it a startup or a consolidated company? How many years has it been operating?

We have been operating for 5 years now though we consider ourselves a startup in terms of the company philosophy, ethics, approach to change, and spirit.

What markets do you serve? National or international?

Both, though we are more recently focusing on international.

How is your company's finantial stage? Has it reached breakeven? Does it have investors? Does it have a healthy flow of income? Is it cash-strapped?

A healthy flow of income, yes. A large flow of income, not so much. We broke even last year, after just four years of operation. We have seen good, solid, organic growth since our beginnings, though 2020 has fallen a bit behind our expectations. We have good reason to believe 2021 will get back on our success track and we expect dividends.

Which is your company's product or service: what do you sell? What is your value proposition? In which way are you unique? Do you have many competitors? Who are those competitors?

We sell organic cosmetics. Our value proposition is Extraordinary CLEAN COSMETICS for the Next Generation Consumers. This translates into a combination of:
1. Holding the highest natural standards, with EcoCert or above certification
2. Offering the maximum tangible quality, i.e. effectiveness: We do not dilute formulations, which translates in up to 99% active ingredients
3. Ensuring full tolerance for all skin types, including sensitive skin, as we eliminate all allergens from our formulations

There are plenty of competitors out there, as this is a widely fragmented market. We can bundle them up into three large categories (1) premium cosmetic brands, (2) pharma cosmetic brands, and (3) natural cosmetic brands. There are no large players which hold a value proposition of similar strength, though there are a number that advertise under either one or another of our three main pillars (see image attached)

What is your business model?

Sales, and seldomly, we also produce private label or consult for other brands.

What channels do you use to sell?

Mainly through international wholesalers, who then have a network of both online and brick and mortar shops. In Spain, our commercial network is mainly pharmacies and we have also a bit of B2C business through our our online shop.

What channels do you use to communicate with your customers?

We use Instagram as our main communication channel

Who is your target customer?

See the attached image for this information.

How large is your customer base?

Really hard to measure as we operate through international distributors mainly.

Is it segmented?

Largely, yes.

How do you collect and store customer information? Do you have a CRM tool in place? Do you analyze the information you collect?

We collect customer information from our large customers, so from our C2C business.

Do you centralize or share information from all the different customer touchpoints?

Not really.

What marketing activities are you carrying out?

Mainly, through our distributors.

Have you implemented any loyalty schemes so far? If yes, how did they work?

Yes, but they are far from being the core of our business.


Los Entregables ayudan a estructurar el trabajo en varias fases. En cada entregable/fase, el estudiante enviará una parte del trabajo, para que Estudiante y Empresa puedan debatir el trabajo en puntos intermedios.

Main aspects of the loyalty program

Type of loyalty program, objetives and segmentation.
Documentos a entregar
Powerpoint, Word, Excel document, PDF, or similar

Design of the loyalty program

Propose the main design of the program, with a proposal of actions
Documentos a entregar
Powerpoint, Word, Excel document, PDF, or similar

Implementation and measurement proposition

Suggestions of the implementation of the plan and its specific metrics
Documentos a entregar
Powerpoint, Word, Excel document, PDF, or similar

Additional marketing and communication suggestions (optional)

Suggestions for other marketing and communication strategies complementary to the loyalty program
Documentos a entregar
Powerpoint, Word, Excel document, PDF, or similar
Este proyecto no admite nuevos estudiantes