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Development of a customer loyalty scheme


Industria: Telecomunicaciones

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WifiAway ofrece Internet en situaciones especiales, como cuando alguien se va de vacaciones y necesita wifi o cuando una empresa realiza un evento y necesita procurar un wifi de calidad a sus asistentes. WifiAway es Internet portátil, sin instalación, sin contratos, ni permanencia.

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This project aims to develop a customer loyalty program for any company that wants to fully exploit their customer database and the potential of the customers' information they have

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Las preguntas y respuestas dan más información al Estudiante sobre lo que la Empresa está buscando.

Which is your company's size? Is it large or small?

We are a small but growing company.

Which is your company's stage? Is it a startup or a consolidated company? How many years has it been operating?

We have been operating since 2014 and consider ourselves as a startup, as we are dynamic and move fast.

What markets do you serve? National or international?

We serve the Spanish market.

How is your company's finantial stage? Has it reached breakeven? Does it have investors? Does it have a healthy flow of income? Is it cash-strapped?

We have healthy financials. That does not mean that we don't look after every cent we spend.

Which is your company's product or service: what do you sell? What is your value proposition? In which way are you unique? Do you have many competitors? Who are those competitors?

We provide portable wifi connection in Spain, without contracts or commitments at great prices.
We prefer not to name competitors in public, but we can discuss that in private, feel free to ask through the chat.

What is your business model?

We rent portable wifi devices to have a connection in special situations:
- Some individuals use us to have wifi during their vacations. They rent it from the day before, bring it with them, and send it back to us once they finish
- Some hotels rent our devices, and they give them for free to their customers, to improve their satisfaction and reviews
- Some events need a wifi connection, and we provide a high quality connection anywhere in a simple way, without the need of an installation. This allows companies to celebrate events outside of buildings or in places where they don't have a good Internet connection.

What channels do you use to sell?

Our main channels are Internet (through our webpage and online advertising) for B2C, and a sales team through email and telephone for B2B

What channels do you use to communicate with your customers?

Mainly email and telephone and sometimes also social networks

Who is your target customer?

Individuals that go on vacations or need to work remotely, hotels and events

How large is your customer base?

Mmmmmm... quite large?

Is it segmented?

Relatively... we divide them by vertical (individuals, hotels, events), but not so much by demographics, geography, value, or type.

How do you collect and store customer information? Do you have a CRM tool in place? Do you analyze the information you collect?

We have a database where we keep the information about the type service we have provided, but we analyze that information widely

Do you centralize or share information from all the different customer touchpoints?

We centralize the information as much as possible

What marketing activities are you carrying out?

Mostly Internet campaigns to promote our webpage. Keywords, Google Ads and similar. We also do some remarketing.

Do you measure the results of those activities?

Yes, we measure the results

Are you happy with the results?

We would like to improve the results

Have you detected problems or improvement areas?

Yes, we don't have a proper Customer Loyalty Program in place :) (we hope you will help us)

Have you implemented any loyalty schemes so far? If yes, how did they work?

We have the Padrino program, which consist in sharing a link after the customer hires the service and seaking for partners interested in providing the service as intermediary points. We didn't have the results expected.

Other than that, we don't have anything else in place.

What issues have prompted the adequacy of developing a loyalty scheme now?

We would like to enlarge our service demand, sell more, give a better experience to our clients. Also be in mind of clients who are currently inactive (hotels/events) due to COVID but will come back soon.

What would be your objectives with the scheme we are going to elaborate?

Sell more, have clients more engaged, be able to retain customers we had before COVID and are now inactive, but that should come back when the vaccines come.


Los Entregables ayudan a estructurar el trabajo en varias fases. En cada entregable/fase, el estudiante enviará una parte del trabajo, para que Estudiante y Empresa puedan debatir el trabajo en puntos intermedios.

Main aspects of the loyalty program

Type of loyalty program, objetives and segmentation.
Documentos a entregar
Powerpoint, Word, Excel document, PDF, or similar

Design of the loyalty program

Propose the main design of the program, with a proposal of actions
Documentos a entregar
Powerpoint, Word, Excel document, PDF, or similar

Implementation and and measurement proposition

Suggestions for the implementation of the plan and its specific metrics
Documentos a entregar
Powerpoint, Word, Excel document, PDF, or similar

Additional marketing and communication suggestions (optional)

Suggestions for other marketing and communication strategies complementary to the loyalty program
Documentos a entregar
Powerpoint, Word, Excel document, PDF, or similar
Este proyecto no admite nuevos estudiantes