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Market Research based on emotional education


Industria: Psicología

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Somos una organización que trabaja en coordinación con las familias y las comunidad educativa para mejorar el bienestar personal y social como parte íntegra del desarrollo humano.

Facilitamos a los niños, familias y centros educativos las herramientas necesarias para mejorar su bienestar emocional a través de nuestra metodología basada en la Educación Emocional y la psicología positiva entre otras corrientes.

Nuestro éxito en el campo de la educación se basa en tres pilares:
1. El autoconocimiento
2. La gestión emocional
3. Recursos educativos

Este proyecto no admite nuevos estudiantes


Company description: BraveUp is an entity who collaborates with families and the educational community to improve the emotional social and personal well-being as an integral part of human development. We provide children, families and educational centers the required resources to improve their emotional well-being through a methodology based on emotional education and positive psychology.

Perfil de proyecto

Investigación mercado


Las preguntas y respuestas dan más información al Estudiante sobre lo que la Empresa está buscando.

Project objective

Conduct a research to identify the target market, among professionals (psychology/pedagogy).

o In depth objective: To test the following hypothesis: Professional women aged between 35 and 45 in the psychology/pedagogy sector need more specialization in emotional management for kids aged between 6 and 12 years to implement innovative procedures due to an increase in emotional management difficulties as a consequence of the pandemic

Additional information - While working on the project

1. Keep track of all the interesting sources, webpages, etc. that you find. This will help you develop a solid based of resources for your final report.
2. Find examples of companies with similar challenges or business models, keep track and summarize findings in a structured way.
3. Be creative and adapt. I can guarantee that you will not be able to address the problem 100%. This is normal, it happens in every research. The important thing is to adapt, so that you still add value in addressing the problem.


Los Entregables ayudan a estructurar el trabajo en varias fases. En cada entregable/fase, el estudiante enviará una parte del trabajo, para que Estudiante y Empresa puedan debatir el trabajo en puntos intermedios.

Preparation for first briefing with the company

- Visit the company website and social media
- Spend a bit of time thinking the problem the company is having, and ways you could approach it.
- Prepare Mini-plan/Ideas: Thoughts on how you will approach the problem.
- Limitations: What troubles you? What looks difficult? Suggestions on addressing this, or compromises you can make.
- Use the briefing to double check that you are on the right track.
Documentos a entregar
Word/Excel/Power point

Final report

1. One Executive Summary slide (this one can be text, bullet points, or of any other structure you like).

2. A main PowerPoint presentation, 20 slides maximum. This should include
Introduction, Questions, Methodology, Results, Conclusions, recommendations.
- It should be self-explanatory, and easy to follow.
- Use graphs, tables, and other ways of organizing information. Avoid long texts.
- This is supposed to be read, not presented. So adapt accordingly.
- Although Supplementary Materials are allowed (see below), the main presentation should leave no doubts.

3.Supplementary Materials. As many slides as you like, with screenshots, graphs, tables, or other information that you think is useful, but that did not fit in the main presentation.
You can also attach a spreadsheet with any information that is easier to deal with in this format.

4. One slide with useful links and resources (Although you can also place sources that are relevant in each slide, gathering them at a single place helps).
Documentos a entregar
Word/powerpoint document or Google Docs.
Este proyecto no admite nuevos estudiantes